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December 2015

CEO Message, VET Reform Agenda, CS&HISC closure, Final Endorsement of CHC & HLT Training Packages, Companion Volumes, CHC & HLT Implementation Videos & FAQs, Mapping of Units, Workforce Planning, Aged Care WIN, Aged Care Leadership Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Update of the Harper Competition Review Report, Key documents for the Community Services & Health Industry, Industry Wide Matters and Conferences and Events.

October 2015

CEO Message, VET Reform Agenda, Training Packages Case for Endorsement, Companion Volumes, Aged Care Leadership Development Centre, National Workforce Development Fund, Competition Policy in Australia and what you need to know, Conferences and Events & Industry Wide Matters

September 2015

CEO Message, Change in Government, VET Reform Agenda, Training Packages Case for Endorsement, Training Packages Implementation Workshops, Planned removal of HLT07 & CHC08 qualifications, National Workforce Development Fund, Changes in Industry: Resilience of the Community Services and Health Workforce, Young Australians: Study and Work - key trends, Conferences and Events & Industry Wide Matters

August 2015

CEO Message, National Skills Week, VET Reform Agenda, Endorsement of CHC & HLT Training Packages, Training Packages Implementation Workshops, Training.gov.au - current or superseded, Planned removal of HLT07 and CHC08 qualifications in December 2015, Community Services and Health: Guide to understanding VOCSTATs, The Economic Value of Informal Care in Australia 2015, Australia's Welfare 2015, Conferences and Events, Industry Wide Matters & Korean Visit.

July 2015

CEO Message, CS&HISC 6 month contact extension, VET Reform Agenda - EOI for Skills Service Organisations (SSOs), Training Packages Implementation Forums, Extension to the transition period for the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled - Division 2 Nursing), Training Packages Endorsement Process, Training Packages Companion Volumes, The Pace of Industry Change, New data released from NCVER

June 2015

CEO Message, VET Reform Agenda, EScan 2015, CHC & HLT Training Packages, Employment Services consultation, Celebrancy Qualification Update, Companion Volumes, Aged Care Leadership Development Centre, Industry Sptolight: House with No Steps, Consumer Directed Care, Australia's Ageing Population - Issues Paper, 2015 EScan Data Insight Tool, CEDA's Research Paper on Australia's Future Workforce, NSW Parliamentary Research, Conferences and Events & Industry Wide Matters.

May 2015

CEO Message, VET Reform Agenda, Release of EScan 2015, CHC & HLT Training Pacakges, Pre-release of CHC & HLT Training Packages, Future Public Consultations of draft Components for December 2015 Endorsement, Aged Care Leadership Development Centre, Conferences and Events, Industry Wide Matters

April 2015

CEO Message, VET Reform Agenda, Training Packages Consultation and Endorsement timelines, ASQA Transition Arrangements for Complementary and Alternative Health Advanced Diploma qualifications, Conferences and Events and Industry-wide matters. 

March 2015

CEO Message, Aged Care WIN Program Audit, VET Reform Agenda, EScan 2015 update, Final Training Package Public Consultations, Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, Workforce Development Tools, Research and Reports, Conferences and Events and Industry-wide Matters.

February 2015

CEO Message, WIN Program Closure update, VET Reform Agenda, March Public Consultation, Workforce Development new resources available, EScan 2015 update, Productivity Commission Report in Childcare, Conferences and events, Other News, Industry-wide matters. 

January 2015 

CEO Message, VET Reform Agenda, EScan 2015, Workforce Development Tools, Pastoral Care Public Consultation, Oral Health Care Public Consultation, Aged Care Leadership Development Portal, Improving Recognition of Carers' Skills Literature Review, Summary of AIHW - Health Expenditure, Deafness Forum of Australia - Resources for RTOs, Elephant in the Room 2015 Conference - Calls for Papers Extended and New National Training Complaints Hotline.
In this Edition


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, CEO Message, Public Consultation Closed, Continuous Improvement Register, Name change and upgrade for RRR, WIN tour wrap up video, Aged Care Leadership Development Portal, Disability Workforce Innovation Project, Industry Spotlight: Navigating Aged Care Reform - WIN Canberra Event, Research and Reports, Industry Wide Matters, Elephant in the Room 2015 Conference - Call for Papers Now Open!


CEO Message, VET Reform Discussion Survey, Public Consultation Open, Community Services CHC Training Package Release 1.3, Advanced Diplomas of Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine - Board decision reached, Industry engagement, Mapping tool for Early Childhood Education qualifications, Launch of the SE Melbourne WIN Aged Care Leadership Project, EScan 2015 - Key findings, EScan Forum, Industry Spotlight - Family Day Care and Australian Training Awards


CEO Message, New Release Units for First Aid, Next Training Package Public Consultation Dates, Less red tape means great news for RTOs, Industry Spotlight: Making a difference in Mental Health, Aged Care WIN Tour, Focus on NT, EScan 2015 next steps, Japanese Delegation, Other News, Conferences and Events.


CEO Message, First Aid Review, Industry Spotlight: Travelling the lifechanging path to Disability work, Research & Reports, Aged Care Innovation, Other News and Conferences and Events.


CEO Message; First Aid Consultation; Training Packages Update; Industry Spotlight: CS&HISC workshop at Homelessness Australia Conference; Workforce Development; Research and Reports; International Delegations; Conferences and Events.


100th Issue, CEO Message; New Standards; First Aid Consultation; August Training Package Consultation; Industry Spotlight: the next generation; Workforce Development;International Delegations; Conferences and Events. 


CEO Message; Sector Skills Survey; New and Emerging Roles  - new report; Spotlight on the Aboriginal Health Council; Update on Qualifications - Ambulance, First Aid and Nursing; Government news; Resources - care app and training tool for depression in the elderly; Aged Care Innovation update; What's On  - conferences, events and expos.


CEO Message; Direct Client Care National Consultation Forums now underway; Update on community service and health qualifications; CS&HISC Privacy Policy; latest submissions and reports; Aged Care Innovation Update; get your submissions in for the Australian Training Awards 2014; this month's industry Spotlight: Cerebral Palsy Alliance


CEO message; Training Packages news -call for industry to provide feedback on the new draft two components of the Training Packages; Aged Care WIN Project update on the National WIN Forum, upcoming WIN events and new WIN videos; Leadership in Aged Care; NWDF update; CS&HISC submissions; Spotlight on collaboration; Industry-wide matters; and Diary: events & conferences.


CEO message; NWDF update; Escan 2014 out now; Training Package News; Aged Care WIN Project Update; Leadership in Aged Care; CS&HISC submission on education and employment; Industry-wide matter; Spotlight on international family mediation; Diary: events and conferences.


CEO message; Training Package news; Aged Care WIN Project Update; Aged Care Leadership Project; Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey - Full Report; Spotlight - Resettling Refugees; Industry-wide matters; and events and conferences.
January 2014 CEO Message; Training Packages news; Training quality; Aged Care WIN Project update; Leadership in Aged Care; EScan 2014 findings; Spotlight on a career change; Industry-wide matters; and Diary: events & conferences.
In this Edition
December 2013 CEO message: the year that was;  Aged Care WIN video and case studies Spotlight, First Aid Companion Volume, Commission of Audit submission; CS&HISC satisfaction Survey results; Santa's health check
November 2013 CEO message; One week left to have your say; Training Packages news; Workforce Development update; New job vacancy; EScan 2014 taster; Spotlight on VET-qualified mental health workers; Industry-wide matters; and Diary: events & conferences.
October 2013 CEO Message; 2013 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey; Training Packages news; Free resources; Workforce development update; EScan 2014 development; Spotlight on OT & Allied Health Assistants; Industry-wide matters; and Diary: events & conferences.
September 2013 CEO's Message; Have your say: EScan 2014; Free workshops: Foundation Skills Professional Development; Workforce Development news; Read, watch and enjoy: New disability care career case studies; Resources; NSSC meeting update; Spotlight on ACPET & social equity; and Diary: conferences & events
August 2013 CEO Message; Time for Action is Now; Developing EScan 2014; Industry trends: disability services; Training Packages news; Workforce Development update; Industry-wide matters; Spotlight: National Skills Week; & Diary: events & conferences.
July 2013 CEO Message; Training Packages update (new CHC & HLT qualifications, Companion Guides available, transitional support on offer, revised consultation timelines, Foundation Skills training, new ATSI Health Practitioner Framework); Workforce development news; Coming soon to our video channels; Submission: Smart and Skilled; Just released (new reports); Industry Spotlight; New board for TasTAFE; and Industry diary: conferences & events.  
 June 2013 CEO Message, Training Packages update, Aged Care Innovation Project movements, 2016 Census, EScan 2014: Watch this space!, CS&H industry need-to-knows, Spotlight: Supporting refugees, Congratulations goes to..., NWDF video now live, Industry diary
May 2013 CEO Message: EScan 2013 and implications for Industry; Federal Budget 2013/14; Training Packages update - qualifications on review; National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) report - RTP workshops and Medibank Case Study; What’s new: Aged Care Workforce Innovation Project; Inquiry submissions - 457 Visas, and TAFE; Industry Spotlight: Palliative Care; Awards and conference matters; Mark your diaries; May and June social inclusion calendar
April 2013 CEO Summary - consultation and engagement; Training Packages update; National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) update; Aged Care Innovation Project; New Foundation Skills Resource, Literacy is Everyone's Business; A new conference sponsorship; Industry Spotlight: Honouring Independence; Your survey feedback on our website; Let's get NDIS workforce ready; Nominate a Workforce Innovation Award; Seeking your opinion; Industry events
March 2013 CEO Summary - 2013: challenges of a changing industry; Aged Care Update: Workforce Compact, Innovation Project, Workforce Survey, Development day; Training Packages Review; Foundation Skills Training Package - Case for Endorsement; Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing: Exploring Competencies for the Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce Final Report; Literacy is everybody's business; National Workforce Development Fund; Upcoming industry events


In this Edition
December 2012 CEO Summary - our NWDF Innovation Project; Draft One Training Package Consultations; CS&HISCs Aged Care Projects; National Workforce Development Fund News; Draft legislation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme; Santa and our nursing workforce; Business Services Leadership and Management Project; Foundation Skills Training Package - final products available
October 2012 CEO  Summary - what is CS&HISC?;New Research and Policy Manager: Dr Brendan Goodger; Breaking news; Aged Care Innovation Project; Qualifications review: Have your say; Workforce development activities; 2013 EScan – send in your submissions; 5 quick stats - participation in higher education; Industry Spotlight: Mental Health; The Future of Work conference - developing Australia's workforce in a global economy; Training Quality Forum; TheMHS 2013 Summer Forum; Communication in the workplace – it’s everybody’s business; Calling all Carers; Technology improves training outcomes for Aged Care
September 2012 CEO  Summary - Future of Work & the VET sector; Free Workforce Development workshops; Aged Care Leadership Development project; Care Careers; Training quality - in the media spotlight; By 2050, 1 in 20 Australians will be working in aged care; 2013 Environmental Scan (EScan) - let’s get the facts; Industry Spotlight: Workplace Wellbeing; Health Services and Medical Professionals in rural areas; HWA Simulation Educator & Technician Training Program; Foundation Skills skill set - drafts for feedback; Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) Workshops
August 2012 CEO Summary - joint ISC/AWPAS conference draws near; Healthy skills showcased in national event; Environmental Scan 2013 – your contribution is needed; National Workforce Development Fund funding available; ACSAA gives 51 Better Practice Awards to aged care champions; CS&HISC sponsors ACSA Conference rural and remote delegate; Review of HLT07 Health Training Package for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Workers; CS&HISC Streamlining Projects; Industry Spotlight: Flexible Learning; CS&HISC at the 35th Australia Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL) Conference; New leadership program available; Addressing 21st Century Challenges Collaboratively – Global Interest; $10 million committed to the Practical Design Fund; National Indigenous Health Award announced; Funding opportunities for industry system change using e-learning
July 2012 CEO Summary; CHC08 Children's Services streamline and review project; The Future of Work - Developing Australia’s workforce in a global economy; National Workforce Development Fund; Changes to Training Packages: Streamlining; Online Forum: technical issues; ECEC Regional Roundtables; HLT07 Review: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker; Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) scoping project; Bringing it All Together (BiAT); NWDF and WELL - combining skills and language, literacy and numeracy development in the workplace; Training quality - be part of the solution; Industry Spotlight: Training Quality; Children’s Services Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Funding; Health Care and Social Assistance - increasing job demands; Free workshops on the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF)
June 2012 CEO Summary - TPAC, IRGs and SMEGs for training packages review; Four new health professional boards supported by the Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency (AHPRA); National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) applications; Enrolled Nursing qualifications now start at Diploma level; Joint Skills Australia and Industry Skills Council Conference - The Future of Work; National Information Forums CHC08 Children’s Services Streamlining and Review Project Free Learning Resource: Disability Behaviour Support Skill Set; Industry Spotlight: Homelessness; Continuous Improvement Register; HLT07 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Project; National Skills Week set to showcase successful workforce development; IBSA Workshop: Stand up, Speak up & Persuade; Submissions open for VET Activity Data Collection Regulation Impact Statement
May 2012 CEO Summary - HLT07v5 and CHC08v4 endorsed by NSSC; Budget’s Missing Piece; Don't have time to read the EScan?; National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) - now rolling; LASA: the new Aged Services Peak Association; Children’s Services Workforce Development; 2013 Fulbright Professional Scholarship; National Information Forums – Training Packages are changing; Industry Spotlight: Submission and Grant Writing; Case Study: Centacare Employment & Training and WELL