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Public Consultation - Have your say and make a difference to the future of training and workforce design in your industry

The next public consultation of draft components for HLT Health and CHC Community Services Training Packages will be 17 November - 12 December 2014.

This will be your final chance to view and provide comment on components for Direct Client Care, Community Services, Community Development and Cross Sector Units.  Following this review these components will be submitted for final endorsement to the Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee in June 2105. 

Sectors included in this review are:

Direct Client Care  
(DRAFT 4):  
Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Disability, Leisure and Health, Health Services Assistance, Allied Health Assistance, Alcohol and Other Drugs and Mental Health
Oral Health (DRAFT 1): Oral Health
Community Services (DRAFT 4): Community Services General, Advocacy, Community Sector Coordination and Case Management
Community Development (DRAFT 3): Pastoral Care, Community Development & Education, Social Housing and Volunteering
Cross Sector Units
(DRAFT 4):
Cross Sector Units

View the full review timetable.

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Important Structural Changes in Health and Community Services Training Packages

Have you seen our “Important Structural Changes in Health and Community Services Training Packages” paper?  This document provides important information on proposed changes to the Training Packages, specifically qualifications that are proposed for removal. Find out if these changes affect you.


Community Services and Health Training Packages

The current Training Packages for Community Services are CHC and CHC08 Community Services, for the Health they are HLT and HLT07 Health. These are freely available to download on

CHC and HLT are the newest Training Packages and supersede selected qualifications, units of competence and skill sets from the CHC08 v4.0 and HLT v5.0 respectively. These contain:

  • Children’s Services
  • Education Support
  • Youth Work
  • Youth Justice
  • Child, Youth and Family Intervention


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
  • First Aid
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Telehealth
Companion Volumes for CHC and HLT Training Packages


Implementation Guide


Implementation Guide

Children's  and Youth Services

Assessment Strategies

Knowledge Guide

Learning Strategies

Foundation Skills

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers

Assessment Strategies

Knowledge Guide

Learning Strategies

Foundation Skills

First Aid

First Aid Guide October 2014

First Aid Guide April 2014

Why new Training Packages?

CHC and HLT have been developed in line with the new Standards for Training Packages, endorsed by the NSSC in late 2012.  The new Standards for Training Packages implement the agreed recommendations from the joint COAG/NQC VET Products for the 21st Century Report, endorsed by the Ministerial Council for Tertiary Education and Employment. All Industry Skills Councils are required to transition their Training Packages to the new standards by December 2015.


First Aid Review

The new release First Aid units of competency (HLTAID001 - 007) are now available on

This new release is a Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council upgrade, making the units equivalent to previous releases. Please note there is no change to normal transition and teach out rules, transition to the new HLTAID units is 30 October 2014. Please contact your regulator for further details.

The mapping has been updated and is available in the HLT Implementation Guide

There has been no new release of unit HLTAID008 which transitioned on 30 June 2014.



We have developed videos in support of the implementation of the Training Packages, these are available to view on youtube and vimeo. These were developed as an adjunct to the 20 free national workshops organised to support implementation.