CHC Community Services Training Package Release 1.0

CS&HISC is pleased to confirm that the new CHC Community Services Training Package (Release 1.0) was approved by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) on 17 June 2013. This new training package contains the newly revised qualifications for Children’s Services, Education Support, Youth Work, Youth Justice and Child, Youth and Family Intervention. This new training package is available on the website for download.

These qualifications have been revised due to major regulatory and workforce changes in the area of Children’s Services and the flow on effects of the changes to qualifications in other related sectors. Major changes include:

  • Updating the qualifications in line with the new regulations and requirements for work (such as the National Quality Framework, National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and Framework for School Aged Care)
  • Updating terminology in line with current industry terminology
  • Strengthening assessment requirements to improve consistency of outcomes
  • Rationalisation of qualifications to reflect current job roles and industry requirements

For more information on specific changes, including a detailed mapping table, (a copy of the CHC (Release 1.0) Training Package Implementation Guide is available for download.

Why a new training package?

CHC (Release 1.0) has been developed in line with the new Standards for Training Packages, endorsed by the NSSC in late 2012.  The new Standards for Training Packages implement the agreed recommendations from the joint COAG/NQC VET Products for the 21st Century Report, endorsed by the Ministerial Council for Tertiary Education and Employment. All Industry Skills Councils are required to transition their training packages to the new standards by December 2015.

For more information on the new Standards, please visit the NSSC website: 

When can I start using the new CHC Training Package?

CHC (Release 1.0) will be publicly available on the National Register ( from 1 July, 2013. From this date onwards, Registered Training Organisations will be able to apply to have the new qualifications on scope, and will be able to deliver the new competencies.

Normal transition and teach-out periods apply, so contact your VET Regulator. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has a handy Transition and Teach-Our Fact Sheet on their website:

What resources and support materials does CS&HISC have to help me implement the new CHC Training Package?

In addition to the endorsed components of the new CHC (Release 1.0), the following non-endorsed components have been developed to users of the training package. The following Companion Volumes have been developed for CHC (Release 1.0):

  • A Companion Volume Implementation Guide: containing overview information about the entire Training Package, including a list of all units, skills sets and qualifications in the training package. It also contains key implementation information for use by RTOs.

In addition, for the new Children’s and Youth Services qualifications the following optional guides have been developed:

  • A Learning Strategies Guide: containing advice and strategies for working with a diversity of learners in this industry, including how to develop a training program
  • A Knowledge Strategies Guide: containing key knowledge requirements for the sector, a glossary of terms and links to potential resources and useful information
  • An Assessment Strategies Guide: containing guidance on implementation of the Assessment Requirements, work placements, work place assessment and general advice about assessment in this industry
  • A Foundation Skills Guide: containing guidance for identifying foundation skills and developing them in students in the context of the industry in which they work.

The Companion Volumes are available to download here.


What happened to CHC08 (Version 4.1)?

CHC08 Community Services Training Package (Version 4.1) is still current for all the remaining community services qualifications that have not yet been revised and transitioned to the new Standards for Training Packages.

CS&HISC is currently undertaking a major review of the wider CHC08 Training Package as part of the 2011 – 2014 Continuous Improvement Plan. Eventually, all qualifications in CHC08 Version 4.1 will be revised and transitioned across to the new CHC. However, this work will not be fully completed until December 2015. For more information on the CS&HISC Training Package Review, please visit the Training Package Review page on our website: /develop/training-packages/continuous-improvement-of-training-packages/training-packages-review-streamlining

Contact Information

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