What is the CS&HISC EScan?

The CS&HISC Environmental Scan (EScan) is an annual research document that highlights existing and emerging trends in the Community Services and Health industry through analysis of industry intelligence, workforce and training data and relevant Government policy. The EScan is used by Government and industry as a tool to inform workforce development strategy in the Community Services and Health industry.

The EScan provides a foundation for the work of the CS&HISC as it identifies priority areas for workforce development in our industry and for the development of the competency standards and qualifications in the Health and Community Services Training Packages.

Giving the Care Industry a Voice

The first annual CS&HISC EScan was conducted in 2008, each year the information collected has been used to highlight grassroots industry intelligence relating to existing and emerging issues within community services and health, with a focus on workforce development.

It is therefore important as a means to address emerging challenges that industry leaders and key stakeholders participate in the production of our EScan. This can be done through simply completing the CS&HISC online survey, submitting a written submission or by partipating in one of the CS&HISC's engagement activities.

Why not join in the discussion on LinkedIn group and talk about workforce challenges and industry influences facing our industries?

All the EScan reports can be downloaded from our Research and Reports section of this website.