2014 Environmental Scan: Agenda for Change

The Community Services and Health Industry continues to be Australia's largest and fastest growing employer. In the context of this growth there are a number of challenges that industry and governments will have to work together on to address.

2014 Escan CoverOur 2014 Environmental Scan: Agenda for Change, explores these challenges and highlights shared priorities for the developing the community services and health workforce. The full Environmental Scan (EScan) report can be dowloaded via this link or by clicking on the image to the left. 

Or download our summary version for a quick overview.


You can also read a brief summary on each of the four chapters within EScan 2014:

Latest Intelligence
Identified Workforce Development Needs
Current Impact of Training Packages
Future Directions of Training Packages

Key Insights

EScan 2014 highlights the need for a national community services and health workforce development plan that will support industry to address the following ongoing challenges:

  • Strong and changing service demand in the context of finite public resources
  • A shifting policy landscape
  • Need for better training and workforce data
  • Gaps in workforce supply
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining staff
  • Threats to training capacity.

EScan 2014 argues that a national community services and health workforce development plan should:

  • Establish a sustainable, whole of workforce approach to workforce planning - this will require using both VET and university qualified roles effectively
  • Support the development of skills for changing service needs (e.g. skills for consumer-directed care including leadership and management skills)
  • Promote strong partnerships between training providers and workplaces
  • Involve transparent workforce planning systems and processes with clear lines of accountability - this will need to be supported by inter-agency collaboration and effective industry engagement
  • Enable enhanced workforce productivity
  • Support recruitment and retention in the care and support industry.