Environmental Scan 2015: Building a Healthy Future

The 2015 Environmental Scan (EScan) explores the changes affecting the community services and health workforce. Information in the EScan is drawn from a combination of stakeholder feedback as well as the latest industry relevant research and data.

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About EScan 2015: Building a Health Future

Lady With Baby Escan 2015The EScan provides insight into the changing policy and service context.  Community services and health providers are transitioning to new models of service delivery due to increased demand for services, reduced growth in funding and the implementation of new funding models. EScan 2015 explores how these changes in service demand and delivery are driving increased demand for certain roles and specific skills.

At the same time, the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is undergoing a period of transformative change in the context of reduced funding. The report argues that to build a healthy future Australia will need to continue to invest in workforce planning and development in the Community Services and Health industry. The contribution of VET will be crucial to the development of the future community services and health workforce.

Read more about how changes in the policy and service context are impacting our industry's workforce in EScan 2015: Building a Healthy Future.

EScan 2015: Summary

EScan Summary 2015If you've only got five minutes and need a quick overview of the EScan 2015 key insights, download the Summary.

EScan 2015: Appendices and supporting data

 Disabiliy Escan 2015The data used to support the insights in EScan 2015 is included in the Appendices as a separate document.

The Department of Education and Training requires Industry Skills Councils to provide a record of recent changes to the training packages (Appendix A), a description of the methodology used to develop the EScan (Appendix B) and information about occupations in demand and shortage (Appendix C).

Additional training, workforce and industry data is also included to support employers, RTOs and key industry stakeholders understand and respond to current and future training and workforce development needs.

The EScan 2015: Data Insight Tool

Boy With Toy Escan 2015In addition, this year is the first time we are sharing data used to inform the EScan in a customisable format. The EScan 2015: Data Insight Tool provides all the data used in the EScan in a single Excel document. The Data Insight Tool enables you to perform your own analysis and create additional tables and graphs using the training, workforce and industry data referenced in EScan 2015.